Monday, June 01, 2015

Day 11 - Cycle Romisch to Hartberg, Austria - Tested by EV9

After starting the day with a romantic breakfast overlooking green Austrian mountains we headed north towards Hartberg on the remarkably indirect EuroVelo 9 route. Google maps cycling directions indicated 62kms however by the time we reached our destination we had cycled 94kms.

The path was hilly and steep, at times muddy, through forests, incredible vistas and one ostrich farm. The road directions would indicate our destination was one way down a hill whereas our EV9 route would indicate the opposite direction up a hill. Anne-Marie was also a little disappointed as the route bypassed most towns.  YAY DATA 1G for €9.90

Reuben has been pretty wary of pushing the Merida (his yellow bike) too hard as it has a carbon racing frame with dodgy racks and a lot of luggage it wasn't designed for attached. A couple of lovely downhills and he got her up to a healthy 75kmh today with barely a wobble... He's starting to feel more secure on it.

Breakfast time

Anne-Marie breaches the first steep climb of the day.

round and round and round

Enjoying the balmy 24 degrees

With little warning EV9 had a sudden blockage.
A bridge being replaced necessitated a 3km detour.

Trying to capture the beauty of the Austrian forests.
(the last couple of seconds make it great)

A lovely wooden roofed cyclebridge

Powered by sharks today

We've been seeing lots of Maypoles throughout Slovenia and Austria, 
This was a sadder example, We'd never picked them being so tall.


The silver lining, Ariving tired in Hartberg after a long day

Beer in Hartberg

"What's this?" asks Anne-Marie, "I wonder what it tastes like."
"Tastes like burning!"

Anne-Marie's favorite, lost, mud and hills.

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