Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 23 - Prague, Art and Anarchy

A sleep in and a long, hot walk for a slow coffee that fortuitously gave Anne-Marie time to find and book an 'Alternative Prague Tour'. As a convincing rain hit a female graffiti artist and film maker showed us a different side to Prague, covering such topics as the impact of capitalism on a poor people that were used to being looked after by the state under communism and a wealth of other insights into the Czech psyche and culture. Funny enough it ended at the cross club, where we had been the night before. Excited to see it during the day we were not at all disappointed.

Look Look it's a tow-tram.

Some fantastic bar art.

Blasphemy, my favorite phemy.

A farewell piece from Cakes, a last hurrah to celebrate the end of a 10 year public art and housing project closed due to gentrification.

Graffiti gone digital.
We visited the Institute of Cryptoanarchy, part of a huge and well organised hacker space.
Responsible for such amazing hacks as this one.

One of 10 or so 3D printers made of 3D printed parts available in the basement hacker space.

Ree back at the cross club admiring the extraordinary construction.

The view down stairs.

The view from the bassement stage DJ booth of the bar.

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