Thursday, June 04, 2015

Day 14 - Electric bike tour and Rock in Vienna Music Festival

Exploring the amazing public transport options in Vienna we caught a few trains before arriving on the city edge to meet our guide for our cycle tour of Vienna's hills. We were definitely cheating as we flew up the hills on our electric bikes around vineyards, heavy forests and avoiding the many hikers, walkers and fellow cyclists out enjoying the lovely weather. Later we learnt it was a public holiday. After our guide learnt about our cycling experience he made an assumption that we were more interested in cycling than wine and much to Anne-Marie's disappointment we only visited one winery. We tried the local tradition of drinking wine mixed 50:50 with sparkling water in a jug and drunk out of a beer glass. It was refreshing and easy to drink given the hot day. Racing back to our hotel after for a quick change we arrived to the sound of Faith no More just starting their 90 minute set. With only one band on at any given time we listened to rock bands we had never heard of that sung in German before finishing the night with Metallica.

Russian Vodka and Caviar shop.
If only it was not a public holiday. 

Reuben discovers that Austrian trains sometimes have nipples.

Our train was a weasel.

Beer and salad for lunch.

Vienna from the hills.

Our cycle tour guide shares a wine spritz.

The camera angle doesn't do the view justice.

So much pollen in the air the city is cloudy with it.

Anne-Marie enjoys the view.

Rock in Vienna tickets, oh yeah.

Plenty of polizei presence. 

Mike on the mic.

Friendly bar staff.

Festival wine spritz

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