Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 27 - Cycle Torgau to Berlin, Germany

Waking early we tried to sneak out quietly without waking the funny German couple. Unfortunately Hanz locked our bikes in his garage and we had to wake them up to open it.

We went for one last ride around Torgau, stopping at a 'backerei' for a slice of apple strudel and coffee for breakfast of champions (europeans). Just as we set off we noticed the river cruise we had followed the day prior was also setting sail.

A glorious morning followed. Very little wind and lots of German couples out cycling too. The river cruise passing ahead of us as we waited for a ferry to cross the river. Before we knew it we had cycled 60km and needed something substantial. Stopping for an omelette and coffee we watched as the river cruise passed us again. The strong head wind had started to pick up and after our enormous day yesterday we called it quits at Wittenberg and "trained" it the rest of the way to Berlin.

We finished of the day with an extravant tasting at the michelin starred Fischers Fritz.

Germany gets a little more flat, windy and boring as we head North.

Our nemesis, the River Cruise we'd been swapping lead with for two days.

A Berlin bear outside our hotel

Anne-Marie celebrates the end of the last serious cycling day
 of our trip in our spacious and stylish hotel Catalonia Berlin Mitte.

Flowers at the restaurant.

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