Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 15 - Fly Vienna to Manchester, England - Sightseeing and separated seating.

After a good sleep in (these midday checkouts in Eastern Europe are appreciated), some panadol and a free champagne breakfast, we packed up our gear and hangovers to go in search for a bike store that would service (read wash off the mud) and store our bikes over the weekend while we'd be in Manchester.

Our search successful and some time for sightseeing before our budget airline JET2 got us there in different rows safely (No detours over Ukrainian air space or depressed German pilots) and we arrived in our hotel just before 10pm.  Anne-Marie was immediately happy to have an iron in the room and a kettle with tea and coffee, even a queen sized bed rather than two singles pushed together (it's the simple things). Reuben - "It's just because it's the Hilton :-P"

A quick walk through the decidedly chilly streets quickly confirming it is still the grottiest city we've ever seen in a "western" country.

A first sample of vienna's street art.

And a little more.

Cruising the streets on the way to hotel Daniel for bag drop off.

Photo op!

After dropping our cycling gear at our next hotel.
We get yelled at for cycling in the palace gardens.

Skinny trams.

Lots of amazing old buildings.

Go tram go!
(and Anne-Marie)

St Steven's cathedral,
unfortunately 1/2 way through cleaning.

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