Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 35 - Fly Reykjavic to London - Leaving the crazy Vikings behind

Waking at some terrible hour and a little hungover from the night before we said goodbye to Iceland and made our way to London. Arriving in Luton airport we assembled the bikes and made our way through peak hour traffic to our hotel in Shoreditch, a favourite little area of Reuben's.

Arriving at our compact little Hotel our plans to have a no drinking day were quashed when informed on checking in that the Hotel has complementary wine and cheese in the lobby from 5-8pm. Who could say no to that, not Reuben and Anne-Marie.

Silly hotel put us in the basement with no reception and no wi-fi so Reuben nursed his flu with BBC iPlayer.

Awaiting departure from Reykjavic.

Aboard the train to London.

Free cheese is best cheese.

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