Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 10 - Cycle Maribor to Romisch, Austria - Loving Austria so far.

Anne-Marie's phone alarm let us down and a planned early start was significantly delayed by a joyous sleep in. We left the not so special city of Maribor for a wet and unpleasant exit from Slovenia.

As we entered Austria, as if it was glad to have us, the sun came out and we saw our first official EuroVelo 9 signpost! Although much to Anne-Marie's annoyance the route was not completely sealed. Austria is remarkably beautiful.

We debated bypassing one rather obnoxious 20%+ climb but Reuben insisted on attempting the monstrosity. We breached the plateau at the top of the hill in town and discovered a regional wine center with over 150 local Austrian wines on tasting and open at 5:20pm on a Sunday!

Despite the language barrier we managed a great tasting and left a little merrier for the last 12 or so kilometers to a little Austrian B&B with a great chef.

Austrian Fields.

Austrian Forests.

Slovenia's wet farewell.

Cruising the forests of Austria.

Our first unsealed road.

Selfie time!

EuroVelo 9 route markers

 Powered by a weird Slovenian nutella substitute

Not that I got off a shot, but moments after this a deer danced across the road in front of us.
(and we chased a squirrel)

Whizzing through the forest trails.

One of our moto's "don't waste time staring at signs you can't read".

Feel the pain

Anne-Marie beast modes the last 50m of the monster climb.

Feeling merry

Reuben Taking Anne-Marie's picture of her taking his picture or something.

Pretty sparkling glasses. 
Also a fundamental tool we forgot to bring on this holiday finaly obtained.

View from our Zimmer of the Austrian countryside.

Dinner at a B&B o.O

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