Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 30 - Secret Solstice Festival - Day 2 - Vodka in Ice.

Staying at the quietest hostel in forever we had the longest, and for Anne-Marie comfortable sleep in a long time. Enjoying our 5500 icelandic kronur coffees or around $5.50 AUD we spent the afternoon working on the blog in the hostel chatting to some interesting and diverse range of people.

One a hedonistic (heh coming from us) posh english playwright shared a brandy & champagne Charlotta with us regaled us with poetry while he tried to sell us on a Ménage à trois.

In the evening we headed back to the well organised festival. We were enjoying the music unique atmosphere when at 10pm Anne-Marie checked Facebook to see if the once in a lifetime event for 70 people had anyone trying to sell theirs. Yes! a DJ from America that didn't have any friends with warm enough clothes was happy to sell his to us.

Although we would be missing a couple of DJs we were interested in seeing we raced back to our hotel, fully layered up and made it on to the bus by 11pm. Having just opened at the start of June the "Into the Glacier" adventure took about 3hrs to get to but was well worth it. The view was spectacular as we arrived on top of a glacier and then made our way down to the maze of tunnels they had bored deep into into it. In chambers hollowed out deep under the ice Dj decks, dance floor and bar had been set up. For 3 hours we danced inside to the sound of "totally enormous extinct dinosaurs". An unforgettable experience.

Arriving back at the festival at 9:30am we rode quickly home to try and get some sleep, very thankful for our well sound proofed room.

Blogging with many international travellers.

Pizza comes with salad on top.

More beers.
Keeping warm.

Setting the mood.

Leon Vynehall making mad music.

The Viking theme of the festival is pretty awesome.

Welcome to Asgard.

Crazy Benni B Ruff and Friends.

human foosball for athletic teenagers.

The only festival where you can buy a 10 pack at the bar.

Pizza without salad.

On our trip to the glacier.


Our bus makes it to the snow, disgorging us to board the snow busses.

The midnight sun threatens to set, but it's just teasing.

The snow bus.

Into the glacier.

Anne-Marie waves.

The cave bisects a crevasse.

The well lit tunnels.

Anne-Marie gives an impromptu sermon at the ice chapel.

Dj Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs lays down a fat beat that reverberates fantastically through the solid ice cave system.


Going for a generous Reyka vodka at the bar.

Regretfully leaving the ice cave at 7am.

The Dj prepares to leave.

Ha ha snow.

Now Kiss.

Some of our awesome party friends.

And more.

Back on the ice bus, cheer!


The other ice bus.

By 9am sleep is catching up with some.
The famous Esja Mountain range North of Reykjavik.

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