Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 25 - Cycle Usti nad Labem to Dresden, Germany - Dresden Impresses

After dicking around for ages and abusing the reception staff we left the appalling Hotel Pivovar and continued our merry way down the Elbe river.
Stopping regularly for photos, food and millions of other little reasons we then caught the ferry from The Czech Republic back to familiar unfamiliar Germany across the river. Our bag of Euro coins having sudden relevance again.

The impressive cliffs, castles and canyons of the Erzgebirge ranges giving way to Commuters, Cars and Churches as we arrived in Dresden, Anne-Marie had picked the Art'Otel, an interesting choice, every wall had a print by Ar Penck, and every print has 3 to 7 dicks on it. Not just our room, the whole hotel. 

The "Waschsalon" calling us once again to sacrifice our coins in the quest for not stinking out our dick bedecked hotel room. An abandoned pair of large men's Nike underpants providing just the tool Reuben had been looking for to wipe the excess oil and dirt from our recently lubricated chains, bonus.

We ate at the Devils Kitchen a burger joint in Neustadt the funky end of town, which is Anne-Marie's new residence according to Vodafone Germany. Germany is noticeably more expensive than The Czech Republic, and easily the most complicated place to get mobile data in Europe so far.  The beer is still cheap *grin*.

Breakfast of eggs on ham.

Up the Elbe in the morning

Bike parking a scarce resource

Fabulous cliffs (not done justice by the phone cam)

A glass of wine, Bratwurst & Currywurst for lunch, 
oh and crumbs for the sparrows.

I love riding rivers in Europe, you turn a corner and there's a castle.

Riding into Dresden we weren't sure what to expect.
All we knew of Dresden was the Americans firebombed it to hell in WWII
There were still some impressive old buildings.

An "Aussie" burger.
It had beetroot and pineapple.

Udderly excellent sauce dispenser.

Dry faster!

A quick sight seeing exercise in Dresden as the sunset
 provided some excellent pictures.

Blink blink blink.

Anne-Marie rides the fountains.

Gold man on a fat horse.
(Augustus the strong)

Ree speeds past the fish woman.


Late night ice cream for dessert.

Semperoper, the Opera House.

Another man on a horse.

Opera house closeup.

Yenidze Tobacco Factory

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