Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 28 - Berlin, Germany - Shopping and Graffiti

As we woke Anne-Marie compiled a list of items to buy and tasks to complete before we headed to Iceland the next day. At 2pm we had only managed to find a box for the bikes and visit to the "East side gallery". A conserved graffiti project on a section of the Berlin wall. Arriving back at our hotel with a few warmer clothes for Iceland at 8pm we were exhausted (shopping is tiring and frustrating) and decided to just enjoy the rest of the night and wake up at 6am to pull the bikes apart. 

Anne-Marie has a sensible lunch.

Reuben has a bratwurst.

I don't believe there is a comfortable way to Carry a bike box 2.5km 

Anne-Marie in front of one of the Berlin Wall east side gallery pieces.

What follows is some of the better graffiti we saw.


He he, Roos.

Anne-Marie looking only slightly out of place.

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