Saturday, June 06, 2015

Day 16 - Parklife Music Festival Day 1 - Like no one is watching.

Up early in a Primark T-shirt from our last visit to Manchester we took on a healthy English breakfast.

Manchester is damn cold, like 6 degrees in the sunshine. Strong wind with a chill factor of "You're going to freeze your nuts off at this festival". Aboard the Parklife bus the hardy North Welsh and Southern Scottish women proving they are made of hardier stuff than us soft Aussies (It was crazy we didn't meet one Mancunian at this Manchester festival), as they sported brief and may I say skimpy festival attire, more butts hanging out than Future in Sydney.

It was an enjoyable first day, possibly overdid it a little missing an act or two we wanted to see in our excitement.

Followed up the first day of Parklife with an ill fated walk to Sankys nightclub in Manchester, Its advertised after party closing at 2am, 35 minutes before we got there. So much for visiting this world renowned institution.

Not a real English Breakfast.
Bacon and Blueberry Waffles.

Ok an English Breakfast.
With good Coffee.

Mini wine!
And my new softshell jacket's not quite up to this wind chill factor.
(Neither is Reuben's hair cut)

 Parklife panorama worth a zoom.

It's warmer in a tent.

Like no-ones watching.
Don't watch!

Who's happy to be at one of the worlds premier dance festivals?

Ree smiling at dusky's performance.

A suitable photo from the trip home at 1am.

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