Sunday, June 07, 2015

Day 17 - Parklife Music Festival Day 2 - Yay Beanies

Refreshed after a sleep in we made our way back to Parklife, the Manchurians on the whole later to arrive today allowing more space for breathing. Reuben sacrifices a few of his very valuable quid for a beanie each, the best money he's spent in years, heat regulation through the noggin apparently more important than the rest of the body put together. Also replacement sunnies, yesterday's having been lost in the moshpit. 

Classic British dance festival, young well to do females with too much skin showing for the weather, but delightfully few shirtless, muscle-bound, tattooed, gym junkies. The music was good and got better as night and inebriation increased but we made a bolt for the double-deckers before 10:45 to avoid a two hour wait like the night before.

Anne-Marie's old favourites continue to impress, Jungle, Caribou, Todd Tardje. New listens are Heidi, Anna Wants, FKA Twigs, go the girls. 

Anne-Marie greets the geese on the path to the festival.

Secret stage.
We only found this one late in the afternoon day two.

Manchurian's bring their littering ways to Parklife.
It's a rude shock after a summer of Aussie bush doofs with their "Clean Up" dances.

Anne-Marie's darlings Caribou. 


Now Kiss. 

Another 360.

Main stage.

Live brass band entertaining in the VIP area.

Excellent wood fired pizzas. 


Yes we were there.

DJ Heidi - a 40yr old mum rocking it

Smoke and lights.

Long shadows as the festival draws to a close for us.

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