Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 22 - Prague, Czech Republic - La Degustation and Hardcore.

After a lovely sleep in we headed off to find the only laundromat in Prague. Riding around on the cobbled streets, stopping for photos and sightseeing we returned a couple of hours later with clean clothes but tired from the Prague heat.

After a quick bite to eat we headed off to do another escape room experience. This one was called trap  and our mission was to escape the soviet secret service by finding who was the double agent from 6 files and escape from the room within 1hr. We did it in 50mins a great result for a team of two. Although enjoyable, our first in Ljubljana the week prior was more in-depth.

In the evening we treated ourselves to an 11 course degustation with matching wine at "La Degustation" one of only two Michelin hat restaurants in Prague.

After dinner we hit the town with a trip to "Cross club". Amazing. Incredible. What can we say, if you ever go to Prague its a must.  From Wikipedia: Cross club showcases various music performances, cultural events and exhibitions. There's a daytime cafe and a restaurant in the premises. Both interior and exterior are designed in steam-punk futuristic style and since the beginning have been created mainly from trash metal and other waste material by František "Sádra" Chmelík.

After listening to some of the loudest and hardest techno and drum and bass we had heard for years in such an incredible place we made it back to our hotel very late (on Prague's impressive 24hr tram service might we add).

The view up the Vltava river ruined by our heads.

It takes practice to get my serious face on.

After a very successful escape room.

Dish Dish Dish Dish Dish Dish Dish.

Patchy tanned Reuben drinking Rubin.

Ree standing outside the Cross Club.

The beer kegs. 

The techno bar from above.

The light shade made of tow-bars.

Wall art.

Under the singer sowing machine chandeliers.

Getting my drink on.  

Anne-Marie in front of one of David Černý's pieces. 

Ree exiting a 1960s darlekesq WC.

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