Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 29 - Fly Berlin to Reykjavik, Iceland. Secret Solstice Festival - FUCKING ICELAND BABY!@@#@!@!

In classic Anne-Marie and Reuben style we nearly missed our plane. Reuben suggested the 80 Euro for a cab with our 70kg of wheeless baggage was a bargain but Anne-Marie insisted we catch a train and trust the exemplary German public transport system with our burdens. 

Much confusion ensued as Google's suggested train was not arriving as scheduled. Without fluent German the announcements meant nothing but the scrolling red text hinted at a problem. The minutes ticked down and heart rates rose until we eventually found a conductor who informed us the airport train was cancelled today, alternate routes must be followed. Running through the airport pushing our 70kg on a wobbly trolley in 30 degree heat is no fun.

Surprised by the extra leg room on our "Wow airline" flight our magenta coloured plane with magenta stewardess got us safely to Iceland. The walk to the bus a frightening indication of what Iceland might have to offer, 6 degrees and a cold sleety rain driven by a stiff wind, not ideal festival weather.

Arriving at our hostel we downed some sushi and vodka, dressed warmly and made our way to the 'Secret Solstice' festival. Two lines 150 people long waited to swap their tickets for a wrist band greeted us. To our delight, and for the first time ever the VIP tickets Anne-Marie purchased paid off immediately, the VIP line had no one in it. Two minutes later we were inside and the rest was history. Starting with an Aussie Duo 'Flight Facilities' we thoroughly enjoyed our first day, the music awesome, the lines for drinks and toilets short and the people very friendly and lively. 

Walking home in the sun at 3 in the morning a new and strange experience.

Made it to checkout sweaty and still nervous.

Icelandic chocolate milk and flat bread for lunch.
An acquired taste I'm sure.

Wine tasting in duty free.

These Icelanders love their duty free beer.

Our pinky-purple plane.

The dismal lava moonscape out of the window on the 80km drive to Reykjavik.

I'm a viking.

Into the Festival.

Flight Facilities.

It's almost dark inside some tents as it approaches midnight.

Festival time.

It didn't feel as cold as Manchester, 
or maybe we were just better prepared for it.

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