Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 34 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Flu and Puffin

As we woke Reuben had now caught the virus and Anne-Marie was feeling a lot better. Although the new place we were staying in provided us free breakfast and washed our clothes for us the walls were so thin we could here everything. With two nights of barely any sleep we were feeling sorry for ourselves.

Getting on the bike we decided to make use of Reykjavik's awesome bike paths, check out the coast line, suburbs, a few more touristy sites and find a few supplies before we packed up the bikes.

Reuben still keen to try some horse, whale meat and puffin before we said goodbye to Iceland. After we packed up the bikes we headed off to a Tapas restaurant for the evening. Horse still off the menu after the veterinary strike. The rest was delicious.

Show us your fish baby.


Malt beer over Reykjavik.

Imaginary trumpet.

Instant beard.

No cars, bike gates.


Like a wooden Indian, a wooden Viking.

Atop the water towers.

A sewer processing plant by the sea.

I know how he feels with this flu.

For an irreligious society they still have some fancy churches.

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