Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 24 - Cycle Prague to Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. - A change of plans.

Realising that EV9 was not completed we decided that rather than forge our own route through the bizarre polish country side we would take the best (as voted by the Germans) cycle path in Germany up to Berlin, part of EuroVelo 7. 

Leaving Prague we followed a beautiful route along the Vltava river for 50kms to the second and much smaller wine growing region in the Czech Republic, Bohemia. Unfortunately all we could do was look at the vines as all the cellar doors were closed. Being a Sunday it was lovely to see so many families cycling and roller blading along the river. Stopping for lunch at one of the many Czech boat houses we enjoyed pizza and for Roo $1.20 500ml beers. The Vltava river then meet the Elbe river and we followed that to some crazy town getting near the German border.

Screwed out of a good dinner at the hotel we hit up an impressive mexican restaurant in the town square for a good feed for our tired legs after our longest day (130km) in the saddle yet.

Leaving our lovely hotel in Prague's District 1

Leaving Prague is hilarious.

Ree rides toward the Prague exhibition centre.


Oh so casual taking a break on one of the less sealed sections. 

Vila Mariana!

Here comes one of many Elbe crossing ferries.

Morning tea of salty fried ice-cream and beer.
What could go wrong.

One of many river crossings.

The last winery we saw in the Czech republic.

The sun setting on the Elbe river is quite the sight.

Ride Ride Ride.

We love these cycle paths.
100s of kilometers of well sealed low traffic bliss.

Riding into Usti Nad Labem

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