Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Day 19 - Cycle Vienna to Breclav, Czech Republic - WIND

The next two days are all about the bike.

After an enormous lunch and picking up the clean bikes from the bike store we set off late (1:30) for a quick flat 80km roll to the Czech Republic. Once again EV9 throwing us a curve ball. Missing signage out of Vienna making the first 10km and crossing the Danube take an hour. After that each town seemed to take us unnecessarily off course for no good reason other than to show us it's boring back streets. The biggest threat was a relentless 30kmh North-Easterly punishing us the whole way, the constant over-active wind turbines we were riding between giving us a clue this is not a rare occurrence in these parts. Eventually getting to the Czech border at dusk (8+ hours and 115km later) .

Goodbye to hipster central, hotel Daniel.

Outside the NZ and AUS embassies in Vienna.

Look it's the Danube!

A waste incinerator by eco-architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

A little more Vienna street art.

and more..

and more... 

Some of the trails had short enjoyable sections protected from the headwind and sun.

But most of the time we were beset by these monsters.

29er? try a 69er
If only I could reach the pedals.

Ree bangs out some rock on the piano.

Anne-Marie manages a grin despite the endless wind and pain.

Late into the evening Reuben lays down the Merida on the loose gravel
A healthy amount of shin skin and self respect left on the tarmac.

Although we didn't know it yet, that's our hotel behind the crooked Czech republic border sign.
So close and so close to dark.

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