Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 6 - Cycle Trieste to Postojna - Two castles, two caves and a train.

Today we'll start with a quote, "Are we really going to postavagina caves as well?" whined Reuben, "Yes, I have an itinerary, shut up and do what you're told!" replies Anne-Marie.

First we headed to Miramare castle (who are they kidding, it's completely indefensible, a band of orcs would just walk in the front door,  I'd call it a fancy house). After a coffee and a good telling off for riding through the emperor of Mexico's private botanical gardens we were 1/2 hour behind schedule.

Consulting google maps we chose the shortest route to the Grotto Gigante cave via the town of Prosecco, once again proving that the shortest route ain't the fastest. A brutally steep,  thigh murdering assent on rough cobbles. Quote two,  half way up this monstrosity Anne-Marie falls a little behind and opines "The slow and pretty win the race".

A well earned recovery prosecco in Prosecco went down an absolute charm adding to our enjoyment of the aptly named gigantic Grotto Gigante. Apparently its in some record book run by an Ale company.  The 1000+ steps not doing our suffering legs any favours.

Only one missed turn on the way to a train station in Slovenia didn't dampen our enthusiasm, we were only about 90 minutes behind schedule. This was until the snaggle toothed ticket seller informed us that Anne-Marie's hourly train ran but once a day. Another 35 up hill into the wind kilometres added to the itinerary in no way assisted by Reuben's 5km dead end alternate route and second flat tyre in three days. Though we did see a black snake.

Short story long, we never made it to the postavagina caves or castle. But we did console ourselves with an amazing 5 course Slovenian degustation extravagance.

PS. It's pronounced Postoyna we were informed by the laughing barmaid we'd asked for directions.

Faulty strava segment here.

The front door to the charming International B&B Trieste

Miramare "Castle"

More Castle

Needs more gold

Youtube clip of the start of the climb. 
(I cut out some of the waiting)
Also wanted benny hill music for it but it's not creative commons :-(

Ree makes me proud lugging her hefty steed abruptly skywards.

One last look at the Adriatic. 
The seafood gets less fresh every km from now on.

The steps leading down into the GG cave.

Surrounded by mites, looking for tites.

The size of this cave blew my mind.

What does pingu taste like?
I had to know (tang apparently).

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