Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 9 - Cycle Celje to Maribor, Slovenia - Castles and Climbing

Checking Google maps at 7:30am the walk to the Celje castle would take 20mins so it was a no brainer to take a gander before cycling to Maribor. 2.5hrs later, swearing at Google, we arrived back at our hotel to interrupt the cleaners trying to do their thing around our mess. 

Deciding to avoid the main roads we headed off on the safer more picturesque minor roads. They have some serious hills but we made it to Maribor (strava link) in good time and in good spirits. 

The steep climb to Celje castle

How does google even find these routes?

The end is in sight.

It's no castle Grayscull but it'll do.

Put your best face on.

Panorama from Castle Celje.
Click n zoom for full effect.
(I had to stand on a 40m castle wall to take it so appreciate it!)

Now here's a castle that could keep out Orcs.

Sweet polenta gnocchi to get us going.



Every Slovenian that lives in the country has their own vineyard. 
Even if they're over 80

The above winemaker's wife hard at work in the fields.

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