Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 2 - Flight from Abu Dhabi to Venice

They have camel milk chocolate in Abu Dhabi... The Italians got us safely to Venice with Alitalia then left us stranded for 10mins on the tarmac in the rain. The lady in passport control was so fast she did not even look at our passport, or welcome to Italy, just stamp, stamp ged' ouda' here. Arriving at 2pm bikes unceremoniously dumped with regular baggage on the carousel we caught a water taxi to our hotel. €20 later we had 2g of data and apparently 100mins of calls to anywhere "YAY DATA" - Reuben. We found a few bars down some windy back streets enjoying Italian wine and tasty snacks with some locals before heading off to bed.

Abu Dhabi airports mozaic ceiling. 

Ground staff telling Reuben off for keeping dry under the fuselage. 

The view entering Venice, 15 degrees and showers.
.What is this, Melbourne?

Avoided the selfie stick sellers that are everywhere.
 Therefore our selfies are close up and we obscure the view.

The Jet Lag begins to catch up with someone!

When in Rome Venice, do as the Venetians do.
Cicheti and Prosecco.

The bell tower that conveniently rings loudly on the 1/2 hour.
Taken from our hotel bedroom window

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