Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 3 - Ferry Venice to Rovinj in Croatia

An enjoyable touristy day in Venice, Anne-Marie's sunnies the only venetian glass purchased. All water taxi's and water busses were suspended for a mass kyak race so we had to find a way to get our 30kg bikes to the ferry terminal. We scouted the best course, only one bridge of stairs to lug the bikes over and then avoid the gendarmerie to ride round the south edge of the island to the ferry terminal. To while away a couple of hours before departure we found an amazing Graffiti exhibition The Bridges of GRAFFITI. A young venetian uni student personally guided us through the awesome pieces.

Slept off a delicious lunch in the ferry and arrived in Rovinj at sunset.

Hotel breakfast of pastries and an Americano

So Venitian

After yesterday's miserable weather it was lovely to wake up to warm sunshine. 
It feels like it's been way to long.

Always with the friendly cats.

Great success, steeds arrived unharmed. 
Initial assembly is always stressful checking for damage. 

Anne-Marie strolls the canals of Venice.

Bikes fully loaded waiting for the ferry to Rovinj, Croatia.

Actual Venice Graffiti.

An awesome piece had some old school Vaughn BodÄ“ inspired NY subway car bombs animated to go by like you were in the NY subway in the early 80s.

Eron's subtle and beautiful urban decay.

Borris Tellegen 3d and perspective grafitti, one of my favorites.

Some incredible Mode2 art.
The phone camera really doesn't capture the motion and energy these pieces radiate.

No banana so Anne-Marie included for scale.

Reus recreated his teenage beedroom.

Sailing into rovinj at Sunset, potato quality photo blurred by sea spray.

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